👨‍🎨 +🎨 =👨‍🌾 Who knew painters could be farmers?!

What is Farming

Farms provide additional incentives for users to hold an LP (liquidity pool) position that benefits the PaintSwap ecosystem, allowing other users to freely trade with high liquidity. Users are rewarded with $BRUSH, in amounts proportional to their staked amounts in the farms.

Farming in PaintSwap

To enter a farm, you need to hold LP tokens, which can be acquired by entering an LP position on the Liquidity page on Simply by having an LP, you will be earning LP trading fees from SpookySwap/ Afterwards, you can stake the LP tokens in the Farms page to earn $BRUSH rewards.

Existing farms can be seen on the Farms page. Farms have a multiplier associated with them, incentivizing some farms over others. There is also a page for discontinued farms.

Eventually, the farms on PaintSwap will evolve with additional $BRUSH locking features and the BRUSHdao governance, but currently, they are managed by the PaintSwap team. New farms may be created for promising tokens with significant $BRUSH liquidity. Conversely, farms can be discontinued if the provided $BRUSH liquidity drops below our standards.

Our goal at PaintSwap Finance is to both provide competitive APRs for interested liquidity providers--thus creating a fantastic user experience with minimal slippage trades for the end-user--but also to create them in a structure that will allow for the sustainable, long-term growth of both our platform and the Fantom Opera Network at-large.


As part of our tokenomics, 50% of rewards are vested for 3 months. For more information see the Emissions page.

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