Contract Address: 0x85dec8c4B2680793661bCA91a8F129607571863d

Max Supply: 450,000,000 BRUSH

Chain: Fantom Opera Network (FTM) - Chain ID 250

What is $BRUSH?

BRUSH is the token that brings PaintSwap to life.

It acts as a protocol token and is used across the many services offered by PaintSwap, from earning more $BRUSH through staking and farming, to spending it on fees within the PaintSwap platform $BRUSH will also be the governance token of PaintSwap - fully allowing the BrushDAO to guide where PaintSwap will go.

A lot of thought goes into the tokenomics of $BRUSH. We are striving to balance its emissions against the burning rate. For example, $BRUSH gets bought and burned using the fees from the sales in the NFT Marketplace.

Looking forward, we have many more goals and aspirations for what $BRUSH and PaintSwap can accomplish and contribute to the Fantom Opera Network. We'll be sure to share our ideas with the community as they come closer to fruition! BRUSH is also utilized as the in-game token for Estfor Kingdom the award-winning game from the PaintSwap team. BRUSH is used to buy items from the in-game shop, of which 25% is burned, 25% goes to the DAO and 50% goes to the in-game treasure. The in-game treasure is used for players to earn BRUSH by selling their items (NFTs) back to the in-game shop.

Clans within Estfor Kingdom also utilize BRUSH with creation and upgrades costs, 25% is burned, 50% to the treasure, and the remaining 25% goes to the DAO.

Clan names and player Names are the same as clan creation and upgrades with 25% of every purchase is burned, 50% feeds the treasure, and the remaining 25% goes to the development fund.

The Wishing Well also utilizes BRUSH by allowing players to donate to the well in return for a temporary XP boost, 100% of this goes to the treasure pool.

Finally the NFT royalties from secondary marketplace sales of 3%. 2% of this goes to buy BRUSH and add it to the in-game treasure fund and 1% goes to the DAO.

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