Contract Address: 0x85dec8c4B2680793661bCA91a8F129607571863d
Max Supply: 450,000,000 BRUSH
Chain: Fantom Opera Network (FTM) - Chain ID 250

What is $BRUSH?

BRUSH is the token that brings PaintSwap to life.
It acts as a protocol token and is used across the many services offered by PaintSwap, from earning more $BRUSH through staking and farming, to spending it on Ross Studio for art creation. $BRUSH will also be the governance token of PaintSwap - fully allowing the BrushDAO to guide where PaintSwap will go.
A lot of thought goes into the tokenomics of $BRUSH. We are striving to balance its emissions against the burning rate. For example, $BRUSH gets bought and burned using the fees from the sales in the NFT Marketplace. Meanwhile, minting and listing fees on the NFT Marketplace are also in $BRUSH.
Looking forward, we have many more goals and aspirations for what $BRUSH and PaintSwap can accomplish and contribute to the Fantom Opera Network. We'll be sure to share our ideas with the community as they come closer to fruition!