Bugs & Reports

Bug Program PaintSwap offer rewards for bugs or exploits found on our platform. These scale with the severity of the issues and the solutions provided. Please send any bugs or issues to [email protected] with the following format: Subject: Bug Program Content: One sentence overview of the bug or issue. Further details of how to re-produce the bug or issue. Including detailed descriptions & images where applicable. A Fantom compatible address for any rewards to be sent. Rewards are paid in our native token of BRUSH and the value and lock time will be dependent on severity of the bug or issue and at the teams desecration. You may be asked to provide further information about the issue you found before rewards are paid. We will not be held to ransom and attacks where possible should not be performed on the live platform. For example: Please contact us if you need to make performance tests that may affect any of our services and we can provide you with a test environment. Damaging attacks against the live platform may result in no rewards.

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