Discord Sales Bot

Invite our PaintSwap Sales bot to your discord channel to receive messages when sales, listings, offers or bids are made on selected NFT collections

What is the PaintSwap Sales Bot

It is a public discord bot that sends messages about events that happen on PaintSwaps NFT Marketplace. The most common use case is tracking the sales for a particular NFT collection but you can do much more.


The bot is self-service and customisable by admins of each discord server. It can run in multiple channels with its own settings. Track one or more collections, configure minimum FTM and listen to events like sales, listings, bids and offers.

How to get the bot in your discord channel

Invite link below:


Getting started

The bot uses the discord's command (/) feature. Once you have invited the bot. Type /help or /commands to get more information.


Let's look at an example command to receive the sales for a particular collection. This is all you have to run if you only want to track one particular collection in the channel.

/track_collection Sale 0x31911223bb3ff5b773af3e677fc0ac5760215e4e

  • /track_collection is the name of the command you are running

  • Sale is the event you want to listen for. Others include Listing, Bid or Offer

  • 0x3191... is the contract/collection address. If you don't know what the collection address is, you can find it either on paintswap.finance/marketplace/collections or ftmscan.com by searching by name of the collection

You can check your channel settings any time with:



Once you have the bot set up to track the collections you want, it's nice to know if it is going to work or not, this is where /test comes in.

/test Sale

This will test if the bot has permissions to send in your channel and optionally it's always a great way to see what your collection or a specific NFT will look by passing the collection and or tokenID to the test command too.


Tracking and untracking specific collections tells the bot which collections to send. If you are showing all collections you can ignore specific collections with /untrack_collection .

Settings are like checkpoints that an NFT has to meet in order to be sent to you. We have minimum FTM and NSFW as the current checkpoints. By default NSFW NFTs will not be sent and any above 0 FTM will be sent (So all of them).

If you want your channel to have a higher FTM threshold for example you only want sales above or equal to 100 FTM.

/default_minftm Sale 100

The above command will mean any NFTs below 100 FTM will be ignored. A sale for 50 FTM will not be sent to that channel.

NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) is disabled by default but if you want to enable it for your channel:

/defaultNSFW true

The reason those settings above use the word default is because you can override those values with specific collection settings. For example, if you are tracking all collections but 'LowCost MassSales' collection is spamming your sales too much. You can set a minimum FTM just for that collection eg /collection_minftm Sale 0x319... 50

To see your channel settings at any time /show_channel_settings


When you invite the bot with the link at the top. It will ask for commands and send message permissions. Those are the only permissions the bot needs.

The bot will not have permission to send to all channels, any private channels or channels which do not allow members to send in will prevent the bot from sending events. You will need to give the bot send permissions in those instances.

List of commands


/help Instructions on how to use the bot

/commands List of commands

/test Test what an event will look like


/track_all_collection Get event for all collections

/untrack_all_collection No longer track all of the collection

/track_collection Add a specific collection to track

/untrack_collection Remove and ignore a specific collection


/show_channel_settings Display the current channel settings

/default_minftm Set the default minimum FTM value in this channel

/default_nsfw Set whether you want NSFW (18+) on by default in this channel

/collection_minftm Set the minimum FTM override for a specific collection

/collection_nsfw Set whether a collection should show NSFW NFTs

Restarting (Wiping your settings to start again)

/reset_channel This will irreversibly remove all settings on the channel

/reset_server This one affects the whole server. It irreversibly removes all settings on all channels. As if inviting the bot for the first time.

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