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NFTs finally meet their match in PaintSwap, where you can mint your own, sell, offer and bid on others' NFTs, all at very competitive prices, as well as manage your own collections, effortlessly.



In early September of 2021, a world-first multi-standard secondary NFT marketplace NFT marketplace is introduced with PaintSwap. Leveraging Fantom's combination of high throughput, low latency, and low costs, the NFT community can now find a place for all their needs without worrying about gas wars, failed bids, and auctions.

Only one month later, with more than 1 million FTM traded, version 2 of the NFT marketplace is released. The main change has been to switch the main currency from BRUSH to FTM, with the goal of staying as the #1 NFT marketplace on the Fantom Opera Network. But BRUSH users are not forgotten:

  • Minting and listing fees will still be paid out in BRUSH. Users have the ability to pay in FTM, which will be swapped for BRUSH automatically through our exchange.

  • 50% of sale fees (currently 2.5%) will be used to buy and burn BRUSH through our exchange, a big incentive to BRUSH holders and liquidity providers.

In July-August 2022, we released version 3 of the NFT marketplace, which is a revolution in the space. From fan-favorite features such as batch minting, bulk transfers and offers, checkout cart, and being able to offer on any NFT of a collection, to novel features like the NFT vaults to manage custody when necessary, ability to one-click liquidate your NFTs. Along with the financial NFT marketplace allowing for safer trading of locked assets behind NFTs.

Main Features

PaintSwap's NFT marketplace provides the following features:

  • Create your NFT from media you own, at a low cost. From JPEG to NFT in seconds, with support for metadata. Storage is managed through IPFS with reproducible ownership proofs. GIFs, video and even 3D formats are supported.

  • Easily create your own NFT collection all on PaintSwap in the NFT Creator section

  • Support for ERC2981 NFT royalties on-chain. Earn royalties on every sale of your minted NFT on PaintSwap.

  • A marketplace to sell or auction any NFTs you own, not just the ones obtained through PaintSwap. Fantom's low gas costs allow the sale of low price NFTs.

  • Ability to offer on unlisted NFTs, and offer on any NFT in a collection. Payment is only put in escrow in case of an auction.

  • Uses Wrapped Fantom (WFTM) as means of payment for NFTs, however, the seller will always receive the payment in native FTM.

  • Bulk list/transfer/auction ERC1155 & ERC721 NFT actions, all via our UI

  • Featured collections, with additional optional royalties on all NFTs from the collection. NFT contract developers on Fantom now have a one-stop-shop to advertise and sell their collection.

  • Discounts for owners of a copy of official PaintSwap NFTs.

  • Fantom’s first secondary market supporting both ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs. Mint or sell multiple of the same ERC1155 NFT without having separate entries.

  • An API for other platforms to use and retrieve NFT ownership data.

  • An explorer for any NFT on Fantom, and a "My NFTs" page to view your own collection.

Getting Started

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