NFT Marketplace
NFTs finally meet their match in PaintSwap, where you can mint your own, sell and bid on others' NFTs, all at very competitive prices.


In early September, a world-first multi-standard secondary NFT marketplace NFT marketplace is introduced with PaintSwap. Leveraging Fantom's combination of high throughput, low latency, and low costs, the NFT community can now find a place for all their needs without worrying about gas wars, failed bids, and auctions.
Only one month later, with more than 1 million FTM traded, version 2 of the NFT marketplace is released. The main change has been to switch the main currency from BRUSH to FTM, with the goal of staying as the #1 NFT marketplace on the Fantom Opera Network. But BRUSH users are not forgotten:
  • Minting and listing fees will still be paid out in BRUSH. Users have the ability to pay in FTM, which will be swapped for BRUSH automatically through our exchange.
  • 50% of sale fees (currently 2.5%) will be used to buy and burn BRUSH through our exchange, a big incentive to BRUSH holders and liquidity providers.
🎨 PaintSwap - The next evolution NFT marketplace and DeFi exchange on Fantom

Main Features

PaintSwap's NFT marketplace provides the following features:
  • Create your NFT from media you own, at a low cost. From JPEG to NFT in seconds, with support for metadata. Storage is managed through IPFS with reproducible ownership proofs. GIFs, video and even 3D formats are supported.
  • Easily create your own NFT collection all on PaintSwap in the NFT Creator section
  • Support for ERC2981 NFT royalties on-chain. Earn royalties on every sale of your minted NFT on PaintSwap.
  • A marketplace to sell or auction any NFTs you own, not just the ones obtained through PaintSwap. Fantom's low gas costs allow the sale of low price NFTs.
  • Featured collections, with additional optional royalties on all NFTs from the collection. NFT contract developers on Fantom now have a one-stop-shop to advertise and sell their collection.
  • Discounts for owners of a copy of official PaintSwap NFTs.
  • Fantom’s first secondary market supporting both ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs. Mint or sell multiple of the same ERC1155 NFT without having separate entries.
  • An API for other platforms to use and retrieve NFT ownership data.
  • An explorer for any NFT on Fantom, and a "My Assets" page to view your own collection.

Getting Started