Introduction & Fees


Read a quick summary of the NFT marketplace features in the following page:

Fee structure

PaintSwap wants the NFT market to thrive in the Fantom ecosystem, as such our fees are competitive and compatible with the lower gas costs of Fantom.
  • FREE to start a sale or auction on verified collections
  • 25 $BRUSH to mint on the PaintSwap Community contract
    • 50% discount for owners of an official PaintSwap NFT
  • 0.1 $FTM to mint on a PaintSwap Factory contract
  • 0.5% commission on successful fNFT sales
  • 2.5% commission on other successful NFT sales
    • 50% is used to buy back and burn BRUSH
    • 50% is distributed between the DAO fund and main project contributors
Fees going to PaintSwap DAO fund so PaintSwap can continue to develop new features.
Gas fees are in addition to any of the above.

Next Steps

For NFT contract developers

View your individual NFTs at<address>/<tokenId>
Check out our support for rich metadata
Want your collection featured on PaintSwap? You will need to reach out to the team.