Minting NFTs

Create your own NFT

You can start minting your own NFT by uploading media in a supported format.
PaintSwap is not responsible for your media and does not host the media or metadata. Provide only media for which you are the copyright owner and ensure it does not contain any illegal material.
PaintSwap reserves the right to block sales of NFTs containing illegal material
You will be taken to a page to upload media and fill out metadata, double-check everything and then upload.
Required fields
Optional fields
Media file. In a supported format, up to 15MB.
Name for your creation.
Amount. How many to mint, decide between rarity and availability.
Royalty (0 - 7.5%). every sale of your NFT on PaintSwap will give you a percentage of the sale price.
Attributes. A customizable key-value list, so you can categorize your NFT within the context of a collection. Example: rarity, hair, equipment, origin.
External URI. Link potential buyers to a page with further information about your creation, for example telling the story of how it came to be.
  • If {id} is included in the URI, it will be replaced with the tokenIDof the minted NFT
Sensitive material. If your creation can be considered as sensitive material then tick this box as it will show up correctly in the marketplace filters, and will be better curated.
Now, simply pay the $BRUSH fee (you can select to pay with FTM as well) to mint and you'll end up with the NFT in your collection.
Looking for some inspiration? Why not be an artist yourself? Take a look at the Studio to make your own piece of art, and mint it as an NFT afterwards.
Example NFT creation process
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