Bulk Mint

In order to mint in bulk, data is uploaded to a PaintSwap server, processed and then uploaded with IPFS.


Bulk mint is available for Factory Contracts, but not the PaintSwap Community contract.

Bulk minting requires uploading data in a structured format. This data is then processed by PaintSwap and uploaded with IPFS. This process can take some time, so be sure to:

  • Validate all data is according to the format requirements in this page

  • Have patience when uploading data

  • Test first with a single item to have faster back-and-forth testing if something is not working

This page is currently being improved. If you have a question or recommendation, come talk to us on Discord.

Required Reading

To fully understand this page you should first read on the Supported NFTs, and Metadata within PaintSwap.

pageSupported NFTspageMetadata

Data Format

In addition to reading this section, make sure to have full knowledge on specific fields by checking out the Creating NFTs page




resource 01.jpg



A CSV file with the exact filename nfts.csv must be on the root folder of the zip to be uploaded. Also on the root of the zip a folder with name media , inside of which will go the media resources.

Each line in the CSV file must have the following structure:



  • nft_type should be one of image/video/audio/3d/interactive . Read more in the Supported NFTs page.

  • media is the filename of a resource inside the media folder that is placed in the zip. This is equivalent to the image in the Metadata page.

  • high_res_media is the filename of another resource inside the media folder that is placed in the zip. This is equivalent to the animation_url in the Metadata page.

  • attributes currently attributes are limited to key-value pairs, this is being worked on to support complex attributes, including rarity. Example, including the quotes if multiple attributes are needed: "type1=value1,type2=value2"

  • Other fields should be according to the Metadata page. An example .zip file contains the appropriate structure can be downloaded here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/bulk.paintswap.finance/paintswap_bulk_mint_test.zip

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