Contract Factory

The PaintSwap contract factory deploys an ERC1155 contract that is owned by the user. The minting can be done the same way as the community contract, directly on PaintSwap, but with lower fees.

PaintSwap User Contract

PaintSwap User Contract Functionality
  • ERC2981 standard royalties for any compatible NFT marketplace

  • ERC1155 based, meaning on every mint you can choose how many of that NFT to create. This supports both fungible and non-fungible tokens

  • User-chosen name

  • TokenID auto increment

  • Burn functionality

  • Batch minting and batch transfer functions for gas efficiency

  • Minting can be done on the PaintSwap site or by contract calls

  • Lower fees than the Paintswap community contract, see Introduction & Fees


Project Name

Name of your contract this can be changed at a later date.

Get royalty on sales

Check box if you'd like to add ERC2981 royalties to your contract. With this option every compatibl marketplace (such as PS) will pay the royalties.

Total Supply

This is the maximum number of NFTs that can be minted to this contract, leave as 0 for unlimited. Each tokenID uses 1 towards the total supply. On each mint you can choose how many copies.

Contract Owner

The address you are connected to on the website will become the creator and owner of the contract. Make sure your wallet is connected with the correct one.

Burning NFTs

Each NFT you mint to your contract will incrementally increase the tokenID. When burning one, you will not be able to re-use the same ID and Total Supply will not change. For example, if Total Supply is 6, you minted 5 and burned 4, then you can only mint one more NFT.

Once you have finished minting all the NFTs you want to your contract you can submit it as a collection as usual via the form on PaintSwap.


See all of the factory, minting & collection options here.

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