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The PaintSwap NFT Marketplace is a hub to buy, bid, and sell NFTs. $FTM is used as the main currency, and some of the fees are used to buy $BRUSH.

NFT Sales

NFTs can be sold via direct sales or auctions. The mechanics of both are described in more detail in Marketplace Mechanics, but in summary, a sale goes through three phases:

  • The seller puts the NFT up for sale, interacting with the NFT marketplace contract.

  • Potential buyers make their offers and (if a direct sale) can buy it immediately. Offers are done in wFTM.

  • The sale is concluded: fees and royalties are taken from the sale price and distributed. The NFT and currency are transferred to the new respective wallets. Any user can conclude a sale, but it needs to be called manually. We run a script that completes concluded sales after no more than 1 hour (except if gas is too high on the network).

Initiating the sale

When putting an NFT up for sale, you will need to provide:

  • How many to sell, of the same NFT

  • How long to keep it for sale

  • Sale price

    • Reserve price (minimum) for auctions

  • NSFW check

  • A fee to be paid in $BRUSH or FTM

Cancelling a sale

Cancelling a marketplace sale is possible in all cases except the following. If a bid is placed on an auction, the auction can no longer be cancelled, unless the auction is less than 2 hours old.

Note that cancellations offer no refund of the listing fee.

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