• Swap fee. Every swap on PaintSwap will incur a 0.3% trading fee. 100% of this fee will go directly to liquidity providers, as we believe liquidity providers should be fully rewarded for providing liquidity to our users.
  • Farm withdraw fee. If a user withdraws from one of our farms, there will be a 0.5% withdrawal fee incurred to the user. 100% of this fee is used to buyback and burn BRUSH.
    • This withdraw fee can be changed in the contracts. We have set it this way so that it can be voted upon and changed/removed by the community in the future via governance. The owner of this is a timelock contract which has a minimum on 24 hours for any changes. This should dissolve any fears of 'rugpulling'.
We believe our fee structure will strike a healthy balance between BRUSH token value, incentivizing farming, and keeping liquidity on the farms longer (to prevent hit-and-run scenarios). Like all things, if better solutions reveal themselves, we will act promptly to improve our tokenomics.
Looking for the NFT marketplace fees? Check the following page: NFT Marketplace Fees
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