Bulk / Batch Actions

Bulk List

Users can select multiple NFTs and use the bulk list button on the "My NFTs" page to list multiple assets for sale or auction at once. Users can then adjust of each sale details, within one simple transaction.

Bulk Transfer

In the same screen on "My NFTs" users can also bulk transfer NFTs to multiple or one address you can send ERC721 and ERC1155 in one batch! It will even use ERC1155 batch contract methods for lower gas costs.

Bulk Liquidate

Users can use the same screen again on "My NFTs" to bring up a new page with the best offers currently available on their assets and liquidate/sell them all in one simple process.

Liquidating NFTs will never change the offers during execution, if any are no longer valid then the transaction will fail, and offer prices cannot be lowered, which prevents front-running.

Other Bulk Actions

Bulk Mint

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